Sue Zhang , a Professional Chartered Accountant of Ontario,  a Certified Public Accountant in the United States and a licensed Real Estate agent in Ontario

Meet Sue

While Sue Zhang is a name that seems somewhat synonymous with York Region real estate — and real estate in general — the empire she’s created has been just 7 years in the making.

You might be used to seeing Sue Zhang and her trademark Red and Blue branding on ‘For Sale’ signs and billboard ads. Or, you might recognize her from Chinese TV appearances, Beauty pageant , Radio shows, and speaking engagements.

Sue Zhang , a Certified Public Accountant in the United States and a licensed Real Estate agent in Ontario. Sue has extensive knowledge in the real estate sector, from being an auditor of public real estate companies to being a financial controller of several public REITS.

Now she runs a full service real estate brokerage, fluent in both English and Mandarin. Sue has wide connections with both local and oversea buyers. With her incredible financial background and networking in real estate, you can rest assured that your return will be maximized!

Defying the odds, Sue arrived in Canada alone as an international student at the age of eighteen. Despite the challenges she faced, Sue built a life and a career for herself that would be the envy of many, and did so with grace, intelligence and fierce determination that has resulted in her ranking among the top 0.1% of real estate agents in all of Canada. She still believes in constant improvement. It’s what allows her to continue providing her clients with first class real estate experience.

Whether attending courses and seminars to learn about current real estate tools, investing in marketing, branding, advertising endeavors, or modernizing the internal practices of her brokerage, Sue’s drive to maintain her team’s reputation is truly impressive.


我相信住在约克地区乃至整个GTA地区的小伙伴,或多或少都听说过Sue Zhang 的名字,但其实她 仅 ⽤7 年的时间创建了属于她的地产帝国。

你可能经常在“For sale”sign 和 各种广告牌上看到 Sue Zhang 的照片 和她的标志性红蓝品牌。或者,大家可能会再一些电视节目、选美比赛、广播节目和演讲活动中见到她。

Sue Zhang 持有美国注册会计师牌照和安⼤略省地产经纪牌照。 Sue 在房地产领域拥有惊人的知识,从担任会计事务所的审计师到担任多个上市房地产投资信托基金的财务总监。 现在她是一家北美地产公司的创始人和执行总裁。 Sue有着广泛的本地和海外房产资源。


十八岁的Sue 以国际学⽣的身份来到加拿⼤。 尽管⾯临各项挑战,Sue⼀直以优雅、智慧和坚定的决⼼⾯对挑战,这使她跻身为全加拿大0.1% 的房地产经纪⼈之列。

一直以来,Sue 坚持不断提升⾃我, 致力为她的客户提供他们最优秀的房地产体验。


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