Anyone seeking inspiration need look no further than Top Agent Sue Zhang of RE/MAX Realtron Realty Inc. in Toronto. Defying the odds, Sue arrived in Canada as an international student at the age of eighteen, speaking broken English.  Despite the challenges she faced, Sue built a life and a career for herself that would be the envy of many, and did so with grace, intelligence and fierce determination that has resulted in her ranking among the top 1% of real estate agents in all of Canada.

In addition to her real estate success, Sue is also a Professional Chartered Accountant in Canada and a Certified Public Accountant in the United States, both of which lend depth and breadth to her reservoir of real estate knowledge and perfectly position her as an incredible advocate to her many clients. Her strong financial background has also resulted in a considerable number of connections both internationally and locally, and this extensive network has proven a huge asset to her clients. Additionally, Sue’s fluency in both English and Mandarin provide her with a distinct advantage when working with the many Chinese communities in the Toronto region.

More than eighty percent of Sue’s business is the result of repeat business and referrals of friends and family by satisfied customers, and is perhaps the surest indicator that Sue’s clients are grateful for the guidance she provides them. When asked what it is about her that keeps her clients returning and referring others, Sue grows thoughtful for a moment before replying. “My clients all know that I always put their interests ahead of my own in every transaction, and I will always fight for them, no matter what the situation is.” she says. She also points to her vast experience as a factor in her impressive client retention and loyalty. “I believe that my financial and real estate knowledge allows me to provide them with an excellent analysis of the market, and predictions for the future.” Anyone who has worked with Sue might also point to her winning, genuine personality that is ideally suited for keeping clients calm when a transaction becomes difficult or convoluted, as they often do. “I believe my clients trust me to do what is best for them,” she muses.

Sue, who sells primarily in the GTA area, is also an expert marketer of her listings, a skill that also figures predominantly in her continuing success story. “I market both nationally and internationally,” says Sue, “and very heavily to Asian communities. I’m with the number one brokerage in all of Canada, and not only do they have their own website, but we also utilize social media platforms to great advantage.” Sue also expands her reach via her regular appearances on local Chinese television and radio shows, where she shares multiple listings with viewers and listeners.

To put Sue’s success in proper perspective, it should be noted that although the Toronto market fell between 30 – 40% in 2018, Sue herself had her best year ever, most likely due to the fact that clients feel like they are in safe hands when navigating difficult straits. “I’ve been told that I can be very inspiring,” explains Sue, “and that I give them the confidence they need to get through the difficulties they are facing in their lives when they need to sell their home. I feel so grateful to be able to help them.”


When Sue isn’t working, she enjoys nothing more than spending time with friends and family, and also enjoys writing stories that — no surprise here — inspire others. “I like writing stories that remind people that even though things can be difficult, if you don’t give up your life will eventually become better.” Sue also hopes that her own success story will inspire young women everywhere to pursue their dreams.

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